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SPA procedures

Lingonberry bliss „Marine slimming therapy“ with THALION cosmetics 
This procedure using very high concentration Laminaria and Fucus seaweed wrap helps to effectively lose weight and fight against cellulite. Marine algae-based cosmetics stimulates metabolism, promotes fat cell breakdown and removes toxins. During the procedure, the body is optimally supplied with the necessary minerals and trace elements, and skin of the body is effectively cleaned. This program harmonizes the bodylines, reduces fat accumulation, improves skin firmness, elasticity and tonus, and delays the aging process. During this procedure, your skin of the body will be moisturized, nourished and revitalized. 
Duration 90 min. Price € 45


Lingonberry bliss
Body scrub with lingonberries
Body massage with lingonberry oil
Lingonberry massage oil contains as much as 20 kinds of carotene and coenzyme Q10 that intensively rejuvenates the skin, and cherishes it giving very healthy looking skin tone. Very pleasant, refreshing, long-lasting scent.
Duration 90 min. Price € 37


Kiss of the Paradise Fruit
SPA greeting ritual
Body massage with grapefruit butter
Grapefruit essential oil is an excellent antiseptic. The oil is not only struggling with various cutaneous inflammation and rash but also tightens skin, and keeps its tonus. Grapefruit oil stimulates the sebaceous glands thus tightening skin and helping to effectively fight against cellulite. This oil also has properties of skin purifying and pigment spot reducing.
Grapefruit essential oil has toning and energizing properties: sad mood dissipates, and self-confidence increases. Refreshing aroma remains for very long time.
Duration 60 min. Price € 33


Green tea sip for body
SPA greeting ritual
Body peeling
Aromatherapy green tea massage and wrapping
Green tea mask for face with a light massage
The substances in green tea help to protect the body from free radicals and damage of UV rays. In addition, the protective substances are able to kill cancer cells while the healthy cells remain undamaged. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants, helps to maintain a youthful body and spirit. Excellently helps the body to break down fat and speeds up metabolism, maintains an optimal fluid level in the body, reduces appetite, and deeply moisturizes skin. Green tea is a natural source of vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Green pea procedure is not only for the body care but also gives protection against bacteria and viruses.
Duration 90 min. Price € 40